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Author It was winter in a flas

Joined: Jul 24, 2018
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  Posted: 2020-05-13 04:42

It was winter in a flash. What children are most looking forward to is the next heavy snowfall. This will make snowmen and snowball fights. When the snow just came down, we were concentrating on English classes. The snow came quietly, very small, only a little bit sparse, only one or two people in the fourth group sitting by the window found it Newport Cigarettes, and it came and went Everyone knows. At this moment the classroom suddenly boiled, and the snow was getting bigger and bigger. Everyone's heart and eyes were also attracted by the snow, and the mind was not attentive anymore. I felt that this class was extremely long. Teacher Yang also found that we were distracted, so he used "Lion Gong" (roar) to "suck" our eyes back. Although the eyes of the students came back, their hearts did not come back. Finally the class was over, and the students were like arrows shot. There was no one in the classroom, only Gao Yijie was alone in the classroom to watch "home". Everyone was playing with snow in the corridor, some of them stretched out their warm hands to catch the snow, but the snow turned into a pool of water just after touching it for a while, and it was cold in the palm of the hand, and some stretched out their warm tongues to eat snow , Some of them stretched out their hands to pick up snow until it turned into a little snowball, and others leaned their bodies against the railing and drenched in snow. I thought: I do n��t have to wash my hair for a week, it ��s so good at noon, after dinner On the playground. Wow! White snow enveloped the entire campus. The trees took off their green clothes, put on silver-white coats, and the grass was no exception. They took off their tender green dresses, put on the white cotton jackets presented by Snow Maiden, and covered the ground with white and various The "carpet" of patterned footprints Parliament Cigarettes. Stepping on it was loose and soft and made a rattling sound. Just when my good friend and I were about to start building a snowman, Zhai Yiyang said: "There are too many people here, let's go to the basketball court!" We came to the basketball court and there was no one above the basketball. Looking around, a piece of white. Everyone first finds a piece of snow with lots of white and no footprints, then gathers the surrounding snow together, puts it in an umbrella, and can be transported back to the "base" until it is almost there. Zhang Shuhan and I were so cold that we were playing the "World Cup." Zhang Shuhan said, "I'm going to plan snow." My spirits moved and kicked the snow into the umbrella with my feet. Make a snowman for Xiao Ke and Shen Wanghang. When you are happy, the time always passes quickly, and the time of a class in the blink of an eye has passed. Back in the classroom, everyone got their shoes wet and their socks wet ... Mr. Gao was so busy that he remembered the student number and called on the phone Marlboro Lights. Although everyone's shoes were wet, they kept looking out to play snow in the afternoon, and the snow kept falling. This is the first snow in 2010. She brings us infinite happiness and surprise
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