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Author Fiberglass reinforced plastic

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  Posted: 2019-02-23 01:31

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), also known as GFRP, refers to the use of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix. Reinforcement plastics with glass fibers or their products as reinforcing materials are called fiberglass reinforced plastics, or fiberglass reinforced plastics, which is different from toughened glass.
Due to the different types of resin used, there are differences among polyester FRP, epoxy FRP and phenolic FRP. Light and hard, non-conductive, stable performance, high mechanical strength, less recycling, corrosion resistance. It can replace steel to manufacture machine parts, automobiles, ship hulls, etc.Tubo de acero inoxidable 316l soldado en la promoci��n de ventas
Fiber Reinforced Plastics, commonly known as FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics), is a kind of fibre reinforced composite plastics. According to the different fibers used, it can be divided into glass fiber reinforced composite plastics (GFRP), carbon fiber reinforced composite plastics (CFRP), boron fiber reinforced composite plastics and so on. It is a kind of composite material with glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as reinforcing material and synthetic resin as matrix material. Fiber reinforced composites are composed of reinforced fibers and matrix. The diameter of fibers (or whiskers) is very small, generally less than 10 microns, with fewer and smaller defects, and the fracture strain is less than 30 parts per thousand. They are brittle materials, easy to damage, fracture and corrosion. Compared with fibers, the matrix has much lower strength and modulus, but it can withstand large strain. It is often viscoelastic and elastic-plastic, and it is a tough material.square hollow iron tube bar
The concept of composite material is that one kind of material can not meet the use requirements, and needs to be composed of two or more materials together to form another kind of material that can meet people's requirements, that is, composite material. For example, although the strength of a single glass fiber is very high, the fibers are loose, can only bear tension, can not withstand bending, shearing and compressive stress, and is not easy to make a fixed geometric shape, is soft. If they are bonded together with synthetic resins, they can be made into various rigid products with fixed shapes, which can withstand not only tensile stress, but also bending, compression and shear stress. This constitutes glass fiber reinforced plastic matrix composites. Because of its strength equivalent to steel, glass component, color, shape, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, heat insulation and other properties of glass, like glass, this popular name "FRP" has been formed in history. The term was proposed by Comrade Lai Jifa, former Minister of Construction Materials Industry, in 1958, and expanded from building materials system to the whole country. The meaning of fiberglass reinforced plastics is that fiberglass is used as reinforcing material and synthetic resin as binder. It is called fiberglass reinforced plastics abroad. With the development of FRP industry in China, as reinforcing material of plastic base, FRP has expanded from fiberglass to carbon fibers, boron fibers, aramid fibers, alumina fibers and silicon carbide fibers. Undoubtedly, reinforced plastics made of these new fibers are some high-performance fiber reinforced composites, which can not be generalized by the common name of FRP. Considering the origin and development of history, FRP composites are usually used, and such a name is more comprehensive.
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