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Author Submersible pump

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  Posted: 2018-11-19 22:12


The submersible pump is a kind of water pump that the pump impeller and the motor that drives the impeller both sneak into the water. There are two types of deep well and working surface. The deep well submersible electric pump supplies power to the motor through the cable extending into the well, eliminating the long shaft of the transmission, so the structure is compact, the weight is light, and the installation, use and transfer are convenient. In the power supply area, there is a tendency to replace the long shaft deep well pump, but Not applicable to wells with large sediment content and no power supply areas [1].
Types of

The electric motors for submersible pumps are dry (motors are all sealed), semi-dry (motor stator seals, and rotors running in water), oil-filled (motors are internally filled with oil to infiltrate the windings) and wet (motor interiors) Filled with water, the stator and rotor are all running in water, etc. The first three types need to be sealed and the manufacturing installation accuracy is high. Therefore, the agricultural deep well submersible pump usually adopts a wet motor, and the stator winding adopts water-resistant insulated wire or casts synthetic resin in the end and groove of the stator winding, and the water enters the motor. Not large, the sealing structure can be greatly simplified, only sand control is required [2].

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