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Joined: Jul 20, 2017
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  Posted: 2018-09-20 02:35

Wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event which holds a special position in life of every couple. Being the most important and most special day , it is obvious that every couple wants everything to be perfect and as per their choices, be it wedding dress, venue, menu, make-up or even wedding photography. But planning a fairytale wedding is easier said than done. There are umpteen things to handle and it is not surprising that most people get confused and stuck in the process. Hence , it makes an absolute sense to hire the best wedding planners to help you; after all, it is the biggest and auspicious event of your life which should be planned in a grand way. An experienced wedding planner has all the skills and knowledge in the world and they can plan your wedding in a manner to make it the happiest day of your life.

There are quite a few dedicated event planning agencies in USA like Lavish Events that offer outstanding level of wedding planning services to the people. The agencies employ the best wedding planner Long Island who make great efforts and go out of their way to transform your dream wedding into reality. They are entirely dedicated to providing a plethora of services to the valuable clients while keeping the costs as low as possible. The services offered by them include venue selection and catering, event planning and dcor, photography and videography, hiring DJs and MJs , bridal makeup and boutique, among other services. They take utmost care and provide attention to every minute detail to give perfection. With wealth of experience in this field, wedding planner has the ability to save your time, expense and stress at the least while making your event grand and best it can be.

Being a dedicated event planning company, Lavish Events also specializes in planning and organizing baby showers , corporate events and special parties. They provide comprehensive services while coordinating some of the most reputable vendors so as to ensure the success of your event. A dedicated event planner event planner Long Island takes away all your responsibilities related to event management, therebyzeroing your entire problems and stress. They strive to go that extra mile to make a unique plan, satisfying the desires of each individual.

If your wedding day is just around the corner or you are planning to organize an event for your company, Lavish Events is the best agency that can address your entire needs with sheer professionalism. They focus on creating tailor made management services that can go very well with your needs and budget. Anyone whos been an athlete or even known an athlete is familiar with the no sensual activity before a game rule. It has long been thought that giving in to the demands of an insistently tumescent male organ has a negative impact on a players performance during the big game, that is. But does this old coachs tale have any basis in reality , or is this a manhood care myth that future athletes need not ever encounter?

Just Say No

To be fair, part of the reason that athletes professional as well as high school have been told to say no to their tumescent male organ before a game or event doesnt really have to do with sensual activity. Theyre really being encouraged to spend the night (or week or month) before the game in a way that enhances their physicality. That means relaxing and getting to sleep early rather than going out on the town, drinking, getting little rest or getting into a fight with a girlfriend (as often happens). In other words, its about keeping the physical and mental state fit rather than fraught.

But there also is a big component of it that really is about sensual activity , stemming from a belief that engaging in sensual activity too close to a game will drain vital energies and juices from a man. (And its a belief that goes back at least to 444 BC, by the way.)


Why should this be? Because of an old belief that a mans male seed contains a significant portion of his male energy, and that when male seed is depleted, a man simply has less energy. So the issue isnt a man being tired from the energy expended on the sensual act itself, or from staying up late to engage in sensual activity it stems from the actual release of male seed.

Its easy to see why a person might come to this conclusion. After all , most men do indeed feel drowsy after sensual activity. But thats not because all their male energy has left the body in their male seed; its because post-sensual activity, the body releases hormones that make it feel relaxed.


In recent times, scientists have spent a little time studying this question and to no ones surprise, they dont believe abstaining from sensual activity before a game hurts a guy on the field. As a matter of fact, many studies indicate that there may be a benefit to engaging in sensual activity prior to a game. (That may explain why some 450 ,000 rubber protections were distributed to athletes before the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. That, by the way, is about 42 rubber protections per athlete.)

Claims that sensual activity makes a man weak were disputed by a study that measured mens strength both before and after sensual activity. Moreover, engaging in sensual activity tends to boost a mans male hormone, which can come in handy during sports , especially the more aggressive ones. And sensual activity is typically associated with less anxiety and worry, factors which can negatively impact an athlete when in competition. Lessening mental fatigue has a positive effect on physical performance.

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Joined: Oct 28, 2018
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  Posted: 2018-11-08 19:26


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Joined: Oct 28, 2018
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  Posted: 2018-11-19 00:29


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