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Author The definition of stainless steel

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  Posted: 2018-07-03 02:06

Rust is aimed at the corrosion of iron and steel. Steel corrosion is a common phenomenon on the basis of application of Pu steel, resulting in constant weight loss and scrap of mechanical properties. To prevent corrosion of steel, the concept of rusting method is put forward. From the application of iron, the technology of preventing corrosion is accompanied by the same life, continuous innovation, the preservation of antirust objects for thousands of years is presented to the present, but the antirust technology is lost. The chemical composition of ordinary steel is the simplest and most economical combination of iron (Fe) and carbon (C). Because the iron in the iron carbon metal contacts with the active oxygen in the air, the chemical reaction produces the oxide (FeO), which is called ferrous, the unstable state, and the continuous oxidation of the iron oxide (Fe 3O4), reoxidation production stability (Fe2O3). On the surface of general steel is composed of three kinds of oxides, the annual corrosion loss of steel is 10%, and the iron oxide material is scattered without recovery conditions, resulting in great economic loss and waste of resources, the continuous development of the non interest economy. Alloy coated, plastic coated, and then the material itself is stainless steel material.1.4301 precio del acero inoxidable por tonelada
Only stainless materials are effective ways to save resources in environmental protection. But stainless steel is relative. It is conditional on the common carbon steel. Different environments, different media, and different time, stainless steel will rust like carbon steel. So stainless steel is not stainless, but relatively stainless. It is an element of chromium added to the iron - carbon alloy for iron - carbon - chromium three elements. When the carbon is stabilized at 0.2%, the chromium content increases to 12.5% (the percentage of atomic weight 12.5, the weight percentage is 11.6), showing a rust (not corroded in dry air). When chromium in steel is less than 12.5%, it is commonly referred to as alloy steel, which is relatively easy to rust. The content of chromium is increased and the anti rust ability is enhanced. When the chromium content is 12.5%, the carbon content will be increased, the rust resistance will be reduced, the carbon content will be reduced, and the anti rust ability will be enhanced. Stainless steel must be chromium and chromium content is not less than 12.5%. This is based on the increase of the electrode potential of chromium iron alloy based on chromium. When the chromium content is 1/8, 2/8, 3/8--- atomic ratio, the electrode potential of the iron chromium alloy is hopping, which is called the n/8 law, that is, the electrode potential of the alloy changes from negative potential to positive potential. The stainless steel can only be allergic to oxygen in the air in the normal state, and the passivation is unrusty, but the corrosion resistance of the ordinary acid, alkali and salt medium is very different. Because of this, stainless steel is based on various media and environment on the basis of stainless steel, using 74 kinds of metal elements (74 kinds) and non metal elements (17 kinds) to study various uses for various uses. Stainless steel appears many kinds of steel, such as acid resistant stainless steel 0Cr18Ni9 (3). 04) equal steel. Other metals without chromium or chromium less than 12.5% are called alloy steels and alloy materials.
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