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Author A couple features

Joined: Sep 21, 2001
Posts: 1
  Posted: 2001-09-21 09:41

Hi there,
I just downloaded this nice little proggie, and have just couple thoughts. I like it's autostart feature, but I'd like to be asked for password only when I try to open the program. And one more thing - could x-button send the program back to tray and not close it completely?

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Joined: Aug 04, 2001
Posts: 71
From: Japan
  Posted: 2001-09-22 22:50

Agreed! Most software that I use that resides in the system tray tends to minimize back into the tray with a click on the x. Force the user to right click on KW and choose Exit if they want to close down the app completely.

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Joined: Feb 18, 2001
Posts: 142
From: Germany
  Posted: 2001-09-23 05:44


That's not good! I hate when software tries to trick around. We are not Gator, they do it this way. We have a close button (x) and we have a minimize button (_). KeyWallet works the same way as windows applications should work. I don't think we would change this feature.

If you are so eager to make it the other way, then draw another skin ! There you can assign to the x-button minimize action and it will work as minimize button. You can also change the default 3 KeyWallet skins. In the skin sdk you have the skin sources...

And now to the asking of password: We will improve this feature some time.

I hope that helped a little


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Joined: Aug 04, 2001
Posts: 71
From: Japan
  Posted: 2001-09-23 21:30

OK, I understand where you're coming from...however, regardless of how it's supposed to work, a lot of people have become used to persistent applications that run in the system tray and use the x to minimize them. A lot of programs I use throughout my work day use the x to minimize the application: PGP, Norton AntiVirus, Adaptec Create CD & DirectCD, and a number of others. I prefer to make it difficult to shut these applications down because I use them throughout the day.

It might be more user friendly if you put this as an option in the Preferences, then your users could decide whether they wanted KW to close or minimize with the x.

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