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Author Daily maintenance of roller

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  Posted: 2017-01-18 03:23

No turning at high speed. Several roller joint operation, the spacing should be greater than 3 meters, in order to avoid collision or cause steering difficulties. Should avoid long-distance travel, need long-range transition, the application of flat-panel truck transport. Roller parking, parking should be parked on the roadside, and tighten the hand brake. If you need to park on a ramp, use a stone or similar object to block the drive wheel and vibrating wheel. Vibration. When the vibratory work of the road roller machine, the throttle handle to push the full load position, the engine speed (2200rmp), operating speed select 2 files the following speed before the vibration switch can be used for vibration compaction. Single-drum tire driven vibratory roller is suitable for compaction of foundation layer and sub-foundation layer, and it is not suitable for compaction of surface layer; high amplitude compaction initial foundation layer and low amplitude compaction sub-foundation layer. Prohibit the vibration in the hard ground, so as not to damage the vibration bearings; prohibit the pressure vibration in situ, otherwise the ground may be pressed into corrugated. High and low amplitude conversion, the need to stop minutes, to wait until the vibrator wheel can not be completely stopped after the switchDouble Steel Roller - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery
Compaction of loose material, should first by ޙ -2 static pressure and then vibration rolling. Roller vibration in the operation, pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound and smoke, especially the vibration wheel with or without abnormal noise, such as the anomaly, should immediately stop the inspection. Vibration operation should always observe the instrument readings are normal (hydraulic oil temperature should not exceed 85 �� C), and pay attention to whether the alarm is abnormal, abnormalities should be promptly shut down for inspection and maintenance. Roller shut down. Before stopping, first turn off the vibration switch. Depress the clutch pedal, place the shift lever in neutral, and release the clutch pedal. Pull the throttle handle, so that the engine speed gradually reduced �a 00r / min about 5 minutes to reduce the engine temperature. Then turn the ignition key to O position, turn off the engine, cut off the circuit

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