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Author Compound wood floor maintains method

Joined: Aug 10, 2016
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  Posted: 2017-01-12 04:19

The citizen of compound wood floor was installed in very much home, often complain: "After the floor is using period of time, the surface can send black, how to brush brush do not drop. " this is common carelessly the result that wooden floor maintains. Does floor of so compound wood maintain what do method and skill have?

Avoid floor of edge tool cut
When be being used daily, should notice to avoid heavy metal acute implement, the hard thing such as vitreous ceramics, hobnail implement cut floor; Do not want the kindling such as a butt or match to be thrown on the floor along with content, lest scorch floor surface; Move also does not procrastinate not to make the floor is contacted in floor surface when moving furniture bright fire or place high-power electric heat on the floor directly implement.

Waxing maintains
What join a floor board to maintain solid Mu Fu is beautiful extend lacquer range service life, the proposal is annual and cerated maintain twice. Wipe the floor clean first before waxing, be in next the surface is even ground daub a floor wax, after working a bit, wipe with soft cloth, till flowing brightness.

Prevent bask in ventilated
Expose for long fall in intense sunlight, or of room temperature rise demote quickly to cause what solid Mu Fu combines floor lacquer aspect possibly to shift to an earlier date ageing, answer to avoid as far as possible. If for the moment does not live,install ending place, should maintain indoor airy current, cannot go up with plastic paper or newspaper lid, lest time is long hair of exterior paint film is sticky, lose luster.

Reduce humidity
If the humidity outdoor is more than indoor humidity, can lock door window, maintain indoor and inferior humidity, if the humidity outdoor is less than indoor humidity, can open door window in order to reduce indoor humidity. Encounter damp and sultry weather, can open air conditioning or fanner.

Special besmirch clears
Oily be soiled, paint, printing ink can be used special go be soiled oil is wiped; The incomplete be soiled such as bloodstain, fruit juice, red wine, beer uses wet rag or dip in with dishcloth on right amount floor cleaner is wiped; Candle and chewing gum, with ice cube superpose a little while, those who make is refrigerant and contractive, next gently sweep, reoccupy wet dishcloth or dip in with dishcloth on right amount floor cleaner is wiped. Liquid of not usable and puissant soda acid clears compound wood floor.

Maintain at real wood floor relatively for, compound wood floor maintains much simpler. Must treat ability to allow the home seriously in more comfortable.

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  Posted: 2019-06-20 22:02


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