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Author Furniture industry is approaching the end of the face of multiple exams

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  Posted: 2017-01-04 22:26

2017 for the home industry, is full of opportunities and challenges of the year. On the one hand, the drastic environmental policy forcing the home industry reshuffle, encourage enterprises to gradually adapt to the new environment, on the other hand with the supply side of the reform, how to adapt to the buyer's market demand in the new environment, eliminate backward production capacity, innovation and development , A home business to seek a breakthrough in the only way.
July 2015, Beijing, "wood furniture manufacturing industry air pollutant emission standards" to implement, requiring wood furniture to reduce the use of oil paint,white plastic sun loungers the gradual replacement of water-based paint, the past two years, consumers demand for water-based paint is also increasingly strong, And many furniture companies have begun to "green paint" as a green selling point, the first to make response measures. For the entire furniture market, 2017 water-based paint is no longer a "wolf": "standard" provisions, 2017, the Beijing wooden furniture will be banned the use of oil paint, otherwise it will not be sold in the Beijing market.

China Paint Industry Association data show that paint coating industry to the annual emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) total about 4.3 million tons,metal clothes drying rack folding of which oil-based paint accounted for about 98%, water-based paint accounted for about 2% . Thus, the environmental advantages of water-based paint obvious. It is reported that the introduction of new standards in Beijing aims to promote the use of organic solvent-based coatings (oil paint) all replaced with water-based paint, if not completely out of the Beijing market will be replaced. In accordance with the standard implementation date, January 1, 2017 will be the implementation of the requirements of the second period. By then, Beijing's furniture manufacturing industry will prohibit the use of organic solvent-based (oil) paint spraying furniture products.

Key words: relocation, site selection, finalization of new plant construction

In the past two years, Beijing faces the policy background of "non-capitalizing". Under the "four centers" orientation, the furniture manufacturing industry (including the raw materials producers in the home improvement industry) has become one of the most affected by policy. At the same time, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in recent years to face serious environmental pressures, relocation is imminent, and some can not afford the cost of relocation of the extensive small workshops or will this out; In addition, growing labor costs, and unstable market environment and Did not form a more coherent frequency, but also lead to pressure to enhance the home business,36 wide folding table accelerate the pace of relocation. For the furniture manufacturing industry, such labor-intensive industries, factory relocation, new industrial park in 2016 related news into the hot topic of home industry. For example, more than cute furniture, furniture, furniture, and other companies settled in Hangu Bohai Sea Bohai Furniture Park; another example, according to Reese, Italian wind and other brands settled in Hebei Lutai Beijing and Tianjin Home Creative Industry City; Home in Linyi, Shandong, the relocation of the East China base is nearing completion; In addition, the North (Wulanchabu) Home Industrial Park, Henan Lankao Central Home Industrial Park are sent to Beijing to send furniture enterprises relocation options.

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  Posted: 2019-06-20 12:19


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