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The dimension stability that wooden ground turns over, make wooden ground more wear-resisting, beautiful, prevent light, be able to bear or endure water, fought electrostatic advantage to attract more friends. But have a lot of principles to the choice of wooden floor color, when floor of choose and buy, should notice to evaluate a room dimensional function chooses size of area of bright brightness, consideration, ground, the tie-in logic of floor and furniture is waited a moment, so below small make up the color that will tell everybody wooden floor board to choose tie-in principle.
Wooden floor color chooses a principle
Principle one, evaluate a room to spend brightly: Daylighting not beautiful avoids to elect brunet wood floor board
When wooden floor retail sales compares pair of color, classics regular meeting because spot illuminant, and elected the wooden floor board that does not suit a room by accident, advocate the difference be caused by that because be a space,spends brightly. If evaluate inadequacy of daylighting of a priori in the home, be about to avoid to buy the wooden floor of too dark look as far as possible, lest is whole the space is too dark, let a space become narrow not merely small, more generation vision is oppressive feeling.
Principle 2, consideration area size: The cubby does not use the lubricious department that reduces a vision
Colour can affect visual space sense, bright warm color has for example outspread action; Conversely, cool color, dark look has reduce the effect. Accordingly, before floor of wood of choose and buy, can ponder over the size of the area inside city first, if be space of number of little level ground only, suggest the choose and buy is bright the wooden floor of light color is beautiful. And the wooden floor with thick, heavy color, comfortable operable Yu Ping counts relatively ample space, can produce a calm, sedate feeling.
Principle 3, choose according to dimensional function: Because sort of applicable wood floor is used person and different
The space of different function, applicable wooden floor sort is different also. For instance bedchamber can choose warmth or neuter colorific normally wooden floor, compare quiet, sweet feeling to the person. And if be a child room or it is playroom, must notice the wearability of wooden floor, seem a child to play what collision of toy, game damages not easily also to exceed wear-resisting wood floor, it is very right choice.
Principle 4, the collocation of floor and furniture is logistic: Master depth collocation sex can safe choose color
Besides wall, the floor is in visual proportion is not small also, and the floor is to be applied almost do change easily no longer, because this floor color is gotten,should consider complete leave a decision again. House advocate can master big principle, if furniture of light color department is in the home, criterion wooden floor safety chooses lubricious limits bigger, if the most in the home is brunet furniture,do not pass, the proposal does not choose too brunet wood floor board, lest whole space is too dark, lost wanted warmth and downy sense.
Principle 5, the match colors skill between wooden floor and wall: Be apt to is used with space of enlarge of lubricious outspread skill
Contemporary those who a lot of families like white to tie a floor is halcyon and go vacationing atmosphere, nevertheless white floor maintains on one hand not easy, on the other hand very easy because of the heavy color all round, produce top-heavy feeling. Want to have the atmosphere occupying the home of pure and fresh nature, it is better to can choose actually the hoar attune that control, also can take relaxed recreational atmosphere likewise. Additional, wall and wooden floor still can use adjacent color painstakingly, the Mu Wen with adjacent for example is tonal, appear more enlarge, outspread space feeling.
Skill of collocation of wooden floor color
1, choose white to be inferior to choosing hoar
Many families like to use white floor board now, the hope has halcyon household atmosphere. But white floor is in do go up to be bothered quite, the proposal uses the relatively light color such as hoar department, give a person easily halcyon sense, also won't cause wall color to weigh floor color light " top-heavy " .
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