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Joined: Aug 09, 2016
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  Posted: 2016-09-05 04:14

锘? Love him or not , Senator Barack Obama has proven to be a Maverick Thinker. His campaign has done so many things that are just not standard politician fare. Just the idea that a young, African-American man would even have a real shot at the Presidency is a maverick thought in itself. But, Sen. Obama is on the verge of being elected President of the United States. The lessons of his highly successful campaign should be applied to your business every single day.

This is not to say that everything the Obama campaign has done is completely original. It's just that the campaign has been able to mix some ideas of the past with new ideas, and package it as something fresh and new. It seems the Senator and his aides are able to recognize what has worked well in the past, but are not just rehashing it the same way it was done previously.

If you're honest, regardless of what candidate you support, Sen. Obama has made Senator John McCain look plain , old fashioned, and just out of date.

The Key to the Obama campaign is positive buzz. The announcement that Sen. Obama will accept the Democratic nomination in a football stadium in front of 75,000 people is downright brilliant. Rather than stand on a stage in front of 19,000 people in an indoor arena, he will give the most important speech of his life in a massive venue. He will be surrounded by thousands of cheering supporters. On TV screens across America this will look amazing, and reinforce the image of Sen. Obama as the overwhelming choice of the people. How can John McCain help but look small in comparison?

As brilliant an idea as this is, it is not completely original. John F. Kennedy did the same thing in 1960. Many voters today don't remember the Kennedy years , but they know he is revered. Just hearing that JFK accepted his nomination in a football stadium, and that Obama is doing the same links them emotionally in the hearts of many Americans. Especially young Americans, many of whom will vote for the first time this year.

Now consider how you can Omabatize your business. Whether it's politics, entertainment, or business people always flock to the hottest buzz. Your marketing should make you stand out first and foremost. Marketing technical jargon, and the same old bullet point features or benefits makes you just another face in the crowd. Our culture has A.D.D., so you need to grab the attention of your target market. You want to have the hot new product or service that is ready to set the world on fire.

Vanity matters. So many people I work with fear tooting their own horn. They feel if they brag too much about their product or service they'll be perceived in a negative fashion. Ever heard of a fellow named Donald Trump? There has never been a bigger self-promoter. Even when he was a virtual nobody he figured out how to get attention , and use publicity to rocket to the top of his industry. That's not easy in New York City, but he did it to perfection.

Just like Sen. Obama, love him or not you have to admit he knows how to get what he wants. Four years ago most people had no idea who Barack Obama was. Yet, just four years later he is on the cusp of becoming the most powerful man on Earth. That's pretty wild, and amazing self-promotion.

So, don't be afraid to talk up your business or your products or services. Don't be arrogant, but be proud. Talk about what you do in the same way you would talk about your child who is an honor student , or about that sweet new sports car you just bought. When you beam with pride you give off a positive vibe that people pick up on. People are always drawn to positive messages that make them feel good. Your target market will be far more receptive to you if they feel you can somehow transfer your positivity to them to make their life better.

The big thing in molding the image you want people to have of you is how you package yourself or your business. You won't find many competing companies that are both successful by looking the same as each other.

Think of Coke & Pepsi. Both soft drinks look alike if you pour them in a glass, but they are packaged very differently. They both have bright, colorful labels that are nothing alike. They both use plastic bottles, but they are shaped very differently and evoke different emotions. Their logos are also very different.

The lesson is trying to look like your most successful competitor will will really make you look a like something your customers have already seen before. There's nothing to motivate them to take a deeper look. You become the same old same old. Don't copy what others have done. Be bold. Your customers will be motivated to give you a call, or check out your web site by feeling as though they might find something new and exciting. Maybe you have a solution that your competitors don't.

One of the most successful pieces of copy I ever wrote was two sentences on a postcard. It read, "You're pissing away millions of dollars every year by not managing your inventory properly. You might want to fix that." It was a little crass, I know , but boy did it get the attention of those who received it.

The point is don't be afraid to be daring. Don't be shackled by so called "business language." Speak to people the way you would about your favorite movie or your cool new smartphone with all the bells and whistles. It's OK to say what you do is "awesome" or "cool" or gasp, FUN.

Be controversial. Even the bad publicity that has surrounded Sen. Obama has kept him at the forefront of almost every news cycle since the start of the year. His decision not to take public financing was very controversial. Heck, just the fact that a black man is within months of possibly being elected President is controversial. Barack Obama is controversial, and that draws people to him.锘? Once you have an understa.

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