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  Posted: 2016-08-17 03:26

ReachLocal - Corporate agency with a dark secret Wilfredo Fuentes
Submitted 2014-07-17 03:08:24 ReachLocal , a PPC (Pay Per Click) NASDAQ company , are at last being exposed for their manipulation of Google AdWords guidelines concerning price transparency towards their clients.

It is well known that ReachLocal is one of the UK’s biggest AdWords’ Certified Pay per Click Agencies, but there's a negative side to the agency that's now starting to emerge.

The company has been offering their services for well over six years and claim to produce success across a number of various industry sectors. But how can a company turn over $514.1 million and claim to only take 1015% as a management fee, even though this varies from customer to customer?

ReachLocal has been taking advantage of loopholes in Google’s terms and conditions for being a premium partner. We will now expose the true cause for ReachLocal’s overwhelming success.

How ReachLocal use loopholes in Google AdWords guidelines:

“Third parties should at minimum provide advertisers with monthly data on AdWords costs, clicks, and impressions at the account level”.

The above statement enables ReachLocal to keep accurate and transparent data to themselves instead of displaying the true Google Spend on their dashboard. ReachLocal cleverly hide this info on their dashboard; it is almost impossible for customers to access this data.

Furthermore, Google stipulates that you must be able to:

“Review and control certain types of information tied to your Google Account by using Google Dashboard.”

The above statement shows where the misselling takes place and that the actual amount they spend on the campaign is truly unknown. We have spoken to some ex ReachLocal clients who claim to have only 50-60% of their spending budget spent on AdWords; the rest is taken as a management fee by ReachLocal, which is not made clear to all clients.

This clever tactic has been utilized to trick ReachLocal’s clients into spending more. ReachLocal have many claims to fame; one of which is being in partnership with Google - only a small number of UK agencies can claim this digital knighthood.

This causes many people to trust them from the outset. But after speaking with a number of different sales representatives (IMC - Internet Marketing Consultants), they all appear to be glorified car salesmen Darrin Walls Lions Jersey , and there is no genuine talent and certainly no digital marketing skills.

We asked how ReachLocal could make such vast amounts of profit if they spend their whole budget each month. A ReachLocal ex-client told us he believed the company made their money via AdWords commissions. We asked another ex-client of ReachLocal and received the exact same answer.

The reality is, ReachLocal does not offer CLEAR transparency to its clients and does not show clients the precise amount spent by ReachLocal on their cost per click campaigns.

Client Complaints Found Online - Just 2 of hundreds dug out from complaint forums.

An ex-client from Virginia, United States, said: “They managed to cause us to lose over $100,000 in sales via their ‘optimized system’. For a company that turns over $500K to lose that much is crushing for us. Now I have to employ lawyers and fight it in court.”

Another unhappy ex-client, from London, United Kingdom stated: “My RL consultant has admitted that their pricing isn't transparent and that he basically lied to me.”

Numerous other complaints can be found on the internet.

Clearly Unethical

ReachLocal is a Google Premier Partner and some of its sales people have stated that Google provides ReachLocal with special benefits, such as commissions from Google on AdWords spend. However, this really is totally untrue.

No one in Europe Wallace Gilberry Lions Jersey , America OR the UK receives a commission from Google and never will.

What does being a Google Premier Partner mean to you as a client?

Does it give ReachLocal an advantage over any Google AdWords’ Certified Agencies?

The answer to the above is NO. You do not get any additional advantages, no more than any other agency.

A Premier Partner just means that it does a certain level of overall business with Google. Outdoors of that, a Google Premier Partner receives no preferential treatment.

For example, it will not rank partners’ ads any higher than any other marketing agency or anybody else for that matter. Furthermore, there isn't any pricing difference.

Google Third-Party AdWords’ Policy:

“Third parties should at minimum provide advertisers with monthly data on AdWords costs, clicks, and impressions at the account level.”

** As a note, Google uses "should" instead of "must", which means this is the loophole that allows companies like ReachLocal to keep accurate and transparent data to themselves Lamar Holmes Lions Jersey , and not have to share accurate statistics with its clients.

The fact that this is not well known to the public is really a sign that ReachLocal have hidden their tracks well, but after speaking to a number of ex-clients, the time seems to be up on this clever but clearly unethical and deceitful ploy that’s been ongoing for many years.

If you are a ReachLocal client and you are reading this, I urge you to get in touch with your IMC and ask for a complete breakdown of current Google spends.

In light of the above, the contracts that ReachLocal issue to new clients have been slightly amended to safeguard and cover thei .

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