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Author Corrosion Wood Flooring

Joined: Jan 18, 2016
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From: shanghai
  Posted: 2016-06-21 21:33

After processing wood preservative preservatives, and preservatives is harmful to the human body, how to choose the preservative process was relatively safe, which is probably most concerned about the issue of consumers.
Early uses a wood preservative CCA-C, B wood preservative, preservative although there is some toxicity, but since only outdoors, and therefore less harmful.
Today, there have been ACQ-D, C, B wood preservative, preservative after processing wood preservative, by environmental standards, its toxicity greatly reduced, you can rest assured purchase.
Advantages wood preservative is: "corrosion, decay." As the name implies, of course, it has the effect of wood preservative preservative, so more and more outdoor flooring material will be as.
Wood preservative floor can effectively prevent the erosion of microorganisms, but also to prevent the insects, while waterproof, corrosion, it can withstand relatively harsh outdoor environment, do not bother to take care of.
However, as a wood preservative for outdoor use, its own thermal expansion and contraction without special control, the deformation is more serious.
Laying wood preservative floor, they usually need to make the gap left on the floor, and is the same as the hollow of a stand up, you can always open, easy to clean or pick up something falling.
Preservative wood flooring is one of the main purposes Barlow wood, in addition, wood preservative can also be used to manufacture other outdoor supplies.
Such as tables and chairs, swing, vintage, and even huts, just like our common abroad as family courtyard.
Today, the country will also have more and more people moved into the villa, set some wood preservative furniture in their yard, it may well be a delight.
Wood preservative furniture prices are not expensive, and general furniture almost. Although it may look rough, but more in line with the style of close to nature.
However preservative wood floor cutting effect whether because of damage?
This is not to worry, because the relationship between the process, no matter how playing its corrosion performance is not affected.

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