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Besides, who can stop drinking, smoking, and quit junk food all at the same time? Setting out the goals The immediate may be fun or at least semi-okay with your bad habit. But you can?t keep doing this forever, right? Think about yourself a few years -- or even months -- down the road. How will your life be if you are still doing what you are doing now? Will you be a productive human being? Probably not. Stopping your actions now may squash some of your fun, but you will be better for it in the long run. Trust us wiser folk. Stop now and thank yourself later. Get a spotter for supervise or find a partner Find yourself a spotter. Tell your family or friends about that the habits that you are trying to quit. Your companion can also help. Ask them to keep you in check by daily reminders adidas superstar supercolor azul , calling you out when you are falling behind, or even throwing their shoe at you if that?s what it takes. Get help from those around you and you will always be kept on your toes. Purposefully get a couple of people on board that you know will be ball busters. That?s the best way to keep on it -- when you know you have to answer to them. If there?s someone wants to do the same things with you is another great way to help you in quitting a habit. Your partner understands what you are going through and what you have to do to fix the issue. Your friends and family can keep you in check, but they may not get how hard it is to break out of your personal bad habits. Find someone that wants to break some habits, too, and join forces. Hopefully, at least one of you is strong and will keep you on task. Just do it I really like this sentence because thinking too much without doing it will of no use. Just take action. In breaking a habit, it is also a perfect rule. You put it off, and put it off adidas superstar supercolor rosa , and then tell yourself you?re going to start on Monday. 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