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Author How to care for wood floors

Joined: Jan 18, 2016
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From: shanghai
  Posted: 2016-02-25 03:25

Wood floor maintenance, it must first conserve its good surface film, not hurt its "appearance", but because of different wood surface paint, so maintenance methods will vary.
Nitro varnish wood floors
Its film is made of polished rub butter, poor water resistance, so it should not wipe with a damp cloth or water, so as not to lose their luster and from the shell. Specific method: every six months or months, to spend light wax rubbed, then use to wipe clean cotton. Usually during use, the use of dirt can erase a soft towel or cotton on the film. Because nitro wood varnish heat resistance corrosion resistance is also poor, but also pay attention to the use of anti-exposure, anti-smoke.
Wide floor paint and lacquer3 Board Fencing Cost Britain
Both are more advanced paint coatings, and has good water resistance, high temperature resistance, and natural features, by the shallow depth of features, after finishing can gradually restore the original background, low temperature during use is unavailable the water often wipe.
Polyurethane floor paints
After finishing the film has a strong high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and acid resistance and other characteristics, its maintenance methods and nitro varnish wood floors are similar, but not wipe with water, so as not to wipe the surface lipids, and reduce the surface It glosses.
Alkyd varnish floor
Alkyd varnish is varnish can varnish leader, damp cloth or soft towel to wipe everyday use, this should not be on the floor to let hot objects, not with plastic sheets or paper or something to cover the surface.
Secondly, wood floor maintenance also avoid sharp heavy metal, glass tiles, spikes and other hard objects device scratch the floor, and do not drag when moving furniture moved on the floor surface; avoid stamped out cigarette butts on the floor, place acid, alkali object; do not put directly kettle, stove and other hot objects.Lowes Composite Deck Covering Outlets
Third, the use of wood flooring in a longer period of time, the phenomenon appears obsolete, should be painted. There are two ways of painting: one is directly to painting and coloring, the same way as wood furniture, floor wax can be painted after drying, waxing wipe evenly coated stretch, not too thick, slightly dried until the wax after, you can rub rub wax mop until light up. Second, without any color for the background, and without any paint, but the direct use floor wax wipe. Because wood is a natural material, not only durable, but also with the passage of time, becoming more perfect, more natural, especially pure rub wax wooden floors, will become particularly bright, smooth and beautiful.How To Build Onto A Deck On A 24ft Pool

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