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From: shanghai,shanghai
 Posted: 2018-08-05 22:15   
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Using environmentally products can be as simple as choosing a fly spray with low toxicity, or choosing to source recipes for homemade products to get rid of your garden pests. Beer will kill snails just as well as poisonous snail bait that can kill your dog or cat if they eat it.
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Environmentally friendly products can also be anything that harvests the earth resources instead of them going to waste. This group includes such things as Rainwater tanks that can catch rainwater run-off from your roof and keep it to water the garden, flush the toilet or use in the laundry. ?Solar lighting and heating come under this category. They use renewable energy from the sun to save electricity that is produced from burning coal. ?Greywater recycling systems to take your wastewater into the garden or to flush the toilet.
Other groups of environmentally friendly products replace previous technology with a solution that is less poisonous, or non- poisonous. For instance: Passive termite barriers that control and kill termites without leaving poisonous wastes in the soil. These are also installer-friendly with no sharp edges. ?Fly screens in the home keep insects out so there is less need to use poisonous sprays. ?Thermo-reflective insulation instead of those with dangerous fibers that can affect the lungs. ?Glues, paints, and sealants that have low or no VOC (toxic fumes).
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