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Joined: Aug 10, 2016
Posts: 7554
 Posted: 2018-06-12 23:00   
Ye Lian Steel Corp is the largest stainless steel joint enterprise in Taiwan province of China. It was put into operation in 1995 and has been introduced and purchased.
With advanced equipment and technology, the scale of production will be expanded and production capacity will increase rapidly. At present, the steel, hot rolling and cold rolling process of the full process of stainless steel sheet production has formed a comprehensive capacity of 1 million tons, 990 thousand tons of continuous casting, 930 thousand tons of hot rolling, 360 thousand tons of cold rolling. After the company and Pohang Iron and Steel Co, the sixth largest stainless steel manufacturer in the world. The stainless steel products of Ye Lian Steel Corp are exported to Southeast Asia, mainland China and Europe besides Taiwan. The company plans to invest $120 million to build a new cold rolled steel sheet mill with an annual output of 300 thousand tons in the Whampoa Special Administrative Region of Guangzhou.High Quality 304 Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh
Ye Lian Steel Corp stainless steel production process is as follows:
The characteristics of the process flow can be summarized as follows:
(1) stainless steel smelting adopts three steps: electric furnace, MRP converter, and VOD.
(2) in order to meet the increase of slab demand, another 5 - stream billet caster is transformed into slab and billet continuous caster, of which two flow is changed into casting narrow slab, and the other three can be cast billet. About 45% billets can be sent directly to the hot rolling heating furnace.Mirror Finished Stainless Steel Sheet 304
Hot delivery rolling stainless steel is a characteristic of Ye joint production of stainless steel.
(3) the production of stainless steel rolls with a reel rolling mill, the highest annual output of 930 thousand tons, more than 300 thousand tons of design capacity, is the world's most efficient stainless steel reel rolling mill. In addition to high yield, the production of thin gauge (thinnest 2.0mm) stainless steel is also large, accounting for about 50%.
(4) 3 sets of 20 rolls of the 550mm rolling mill are used in cold rolling, and the width of one mill is 1.
5. The capacity of pickling heat treatment line is large. A hot strip mill treatment line will produce 52 thousand tons per month, and a cold rolled strip treatment line will produce 25 thousand tons per month.
Ye Lian Steel Corp's stainless steel products are mainly hot-rolled sheet and strip, cold-rolled sheet and strip, bright annealed sheet and coil.Harga Pipa Stainless Steel 304

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